Mark Shelnutt, MD MPH

Alisha is quite simply an extraordinary individual. She has the exceedingly rare combination of an immense intellect, a generous heart, and a staggeringly powerful drive to better the lives of all those fortunate enough to know her. Although leadership seems to flow through her organically, she is unafraid to be a lifetime student who is more interested in how she can continue to develop than what she already knows. Not one to ruminate over obstacles, Alisha is a living example of the power of determination. She wastes no time sorting through the muck of human-made complications. negativity, and excuses. Instead, Alisha is solution-driven and apt to problem solve using clear-thinking to exercise precise judgment. In short, people of Alisha's rectitude are seldom encountered and if one is blessed with the opportunity to even ever so slightly brush paths with her, they will be a better human being for having done so.

Maxine Dexter, M.D., Oregon State Legislature 

You are a masterful, inspiring teacher and I really appreciated the way you held us accountable for doing our own work to get started as a body — you were spot on. We miss you here in Oregon and I hope you are loving your new position! Thank you for sharing some of your knowledge with usby designers. It's easy on the eyes and a great go to font for titles, paragraphs & more.

Teresa Alonso-Leon,  Oregon State Legislature 

I greatly appreciated your presentation you did an excellent job. I requested we have more presentations like this.